Network Platforms brings in DrayTek Triple-WAN router

Network Platforms, the distributors for the advanced DrayTek product range in Southern Africa, announced the release of the DrayTek Vigor 2830 Series ADSL Router Firewall. The series provides users with secure uptime and greater bandwidth capacity through triple connections, as well as tough security features.

Bradley Love, MD, Network Platforms, said, “One of the main functions of this series is its ability to handle three WAN connections to enhance your Internet connectivity. It has built-in ADSL, a gigabit Ethernet WAN port that can connect to another ADSL modem, Diginet Line or any connectivity for that matter. The third WAN port is a USB port that can be used for 3G modems. This gives you the flexibility to connect to any communications medium or a combination thereof.”

The multiple WAN interfaces can be used either for WAN-backup or load balancing. WAN-backup provides contingency (redundancy) in case your primary ADSL line or ISP suffers a temporary outage. Internet traffic will be temporarily routed via the secondary Internet access.

There are three models in the series, these being the 2830, 2830n and 2830Vn. The 2830 provides base functionality on firewalling across the board. The 2830n has additional wireless connectivity and features dual-band WiFi providing two separate frequencies. And, the 2830Vn has wireless as well and the ‘V’ stands for voice because it has two analogue phone line (FXS) ports. Quality of service is setup automatically when using the FXS ports on the router.

The router also has an FX0 port to take a telephone line input, which provides a valuable failover if the VOIP connection fails because then voice calls can be handled by a normal analogue line connection.

Love said that “This advanced product range is well suited to the SME market, providing bandwidth security through redundancy with its triple WAN connections. If you need more bandwidth because of an increase in the number of users, you can have two ADSL lines connected and if either of those fail, you can switch over to a 3G connection.”