Trend Micro joins HP AllianceOne

Trend Micro announced that its Deep Security software is now validated in the HP Cloud Operating Environment (CLOE), part of the AllianceONE partner program.

CLOE provides partners with highly automated, secure, self-service access to virtual machines, with which partners can test, port, debug, verify and tune applications on multiple platforms and configurations. This significantly reduces the risk to customers for deploying joint solutions in a virtualized environment.

“Enterprises are aggressively pursuing cloud computing and security is top of mind for them. Joining the HP AllianceOne Program is another way for Trend Micro to extend the advantages of cloud-based security. We have a 10-year history with HP and will continue to work closely with them to deliver an offering designed to enhance future customers’ investments and secure their journey to the cloud,” said Wael Mohamed, Executive VP of Corporate Strategy, Trend Micro.

Trend Micro Deep Security software offers the world’s first anti-malware solution specifically designed for virtual environments. It can be deployed with zero footprint on the virtual machine. With a Trend Micro Deep Security Cloud Map, customers now have a recipe to enjoy the benefits of a security solution optimized for virtualization and cloud environments resulting in cost savings, adhering to compliance requirements and business agility.