LiveRoute launchs BusinessBook in the region

Eugene Blain of Atlantic Global with Jawwad Rehman of LiveRoute

LiveRoute recently signed the partnership agreement with Atlantic Global, to launch BusinessBook , a revolutionary product which offers multiple solutions by automating the business processes at a low cost for the SME’s in the region.

BusinessBook  is designed for businesses which require automation, but can’t afford the cost or complexity that comes with such solutions from traditional suppliers.  In addition, LiveRoute will be offering this solution based on latest trend of Cloud based or SaaS based delivery model, which makes BusinessBook as easy as FaceBook and available from any place only through internet access, hence saving tremendous cost while offering ease of use and 100% availability.

LiveRoute’s partnership comes as the organization seeks to capitalize on market demand for SaaS or Cloud based solutions, which are considered more cost effective and easier to administer than conventional installations. SaaS based solutions, with their browser based interface and subscription model, are available on demand, which means they can be utilized by small organizations and very large concerns alike.

BusinessBook solution for Middle East businesses aims to help any kind of business which sells either services or products as its core business.  BusinessBook uniquely offers automation of the entire operational, sales, project management, resource management, billing, supplier management, document management, expense management and extensive reporting requirements of a typical business through its capability as a single and easy to use platform available through a web browser.

“There is a clear need in the market for a true end-to-end solution that quickly automates a typical SME business, which is seeking simplicity, cost effectiveness, 100% availability of a solution, and without any undue complexity which requires expensive customization, Hardware and IT staff.  On the other hand, available alternatives in the market are sold as products, they are expensive, difficult to adapt to what customer is looking for, and simply scare them off.  BusinessBook is really designed to address that void in the market, which will encourage many SME’s to go for automation as it is easy to use, easy to manage, easily adaptable to their unique way of doing business and extremely cost effective”, said Jawwad Rehman, Managing Director and Partner, LiveRoute.

“We are also offering a free of charge 15 days trial of BusinessBook system for our customers across GCC, through our website Such easy trial facility will provide an opportunity for Small and Medium businesses to try the system before making any commitments of purchase,” he added.

“BusinessBook solution is clearly relevant for the local market; there is tremendous confusion when it comes to simple yet robustly integrated business automation management system. Alternatives are either non-existent or far too complicated and expensive for small and medium sized enterprises. In many instances, organizations aren’t even sure how they can automate processes. A simple, available on demand solution like BusinessBook offers a cost-effective, easy to use solution that can be scaled as per customer requirements,” said Eugene Blain, CEO, Atlantic Global.