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Bulwark launches new classroom instruction software

Bulwark launches new classroom instruction software


Bulwark Technologies, distributor for NetSupport Products in middle east region is please to annonce the release of NetSupport Assist; the new cost-effective and efficient way for teachers to manage and engage with their students in a Mac and Linux environment.

Twenty-first century education is providing students with inspiring learning opportunities and giving them unparalleled access to a diverse range of computing assets. However, providing the latest ICT infrastructure is only half the equation. Ensuring it is used in the most effective way represents the other half.

With 22 years of development expertise to call upon, NetSupport Assist brings together NetSupport’s core classroom management technology to deliver a focused feature set that ensures teachers can give their time and attention to their students, without having to worry about learning and maintaining the software.

A powerful range of remote control tools enables teachers to interact with students individually or as a class. Teachers can discreetly view an individual desktop to confirm the student is on task and, for example, conduct a two-way chat session without disrupting the rest of the room.

With NetSupport Assist there’s also no need for expensive front-of-class display equipment: real-time presentation tools enable the teacher to ‘show’ their screen to students.

To gauge topic understanding, teachers can, on the fly, poll students for their feedback. A question can be sent to each machine with a pre-defined list of responses and, once the students have responded, the results are instantly reported on the teacher’s screen.

NetSupport Assist is fully optimised for use with wired or wireless networks, laptops, netbooks and desktop computers and can be configured to maximise performance without compromising the network or the devices servicing it.

NetSupport Assist is also compatible with NetSupport School, NetSupport’s market- leading classroom management solution for Windows-based classrooms. With over nine million licences already deployed globally, NetSupport becomes the first classroom management software vendor to offer compatible solutions across Windows, Mac and Linux environments.



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