Micro-Bundle Fibre Optic Cables‎ from Nexans

Tarek Helmy, Regional Director, Gulf & Middle East, Nexans Cabling Solutions

Nexans, today announced the introduction of cables based on an advanced Micro-Bundle design. This new technology allows for the production of small, light cables that maintain excellent mechanical robustness.

Speaking on the launch, Tarek Helmy, Regional Director, Gulf & Middle East, Nexans Cabling Solutions, said, “Nexans is pleased to announce the launch of our new micro-bundle fibre optic cables, which are not only smaller and lighter but also very robust. Customers can expect greater flexibility from our newest product as it can be used for both horizontal as well as vertical installations. We will be offering indoor and universal versions of our new cable and are confident our latest product will be well received by our customers in the Middle East region.”

The Micro-Bundle itself is an incredibly flexible small tube, containing a maximum of twelve fibres. With this type of construction, cables of a very small bend radius can be produced, without the need to use more expensive bend insensitive fibres. The improved construction means that the cables can be used for both horizontal and vertical installations, and they are available as indoor or universal varients.

The installer friendly LANmark-OF Micro-Bundle Indoor cable features yarns as one of the internal strength members and is a high fibre count cable, available from 12 to 96 fibres. It has excellent flame and fire retardant properties and complies with the requirements of IEC standards.

The water-tight universal cable can be used both indoors and outdoors in a duct. Special additives in the jacket make the cable UV resistant, and the glass yarns ensure the cable is also rodent resistant.