Better serving clients

Alex Marr, Managing Director, Xeratek Document Solutions

Channel strategy networks are becoming increasingly important for any business to reach its desired market, target audience and better serve its customer base. Carefully chosen networks and value added resellers are essential to the success of forming a connection with each customer to ensure that services and products are conveniently and easily accessible.

Xerox Emirates entered into the indirect channel marketing model and by having made this its core focus in 2010, continues to reach out to resellers with specialized expertise in document management technology, advanced solutions, software and services for SMB customers. The company made a significant investment with agent partnerships for implementation of its Channel Strategy early last year in May 2010 and is continuously increasing its network through leading distributors within the United Arab Emirates.

The first mono branded reseller to sign with Xerox Emirates was Xeratek Document Solutions LLC along with other reseller such as Smart Solutions, Opsol UAE and IVOS. Seven Seas Computers, Alpha Data, Advanced Vision LLC, Applicom, Axon Business Systems, Cadlinks JLT, Silver Star Electronics are just some of the authorized resellers within Xerox’s network.

Xerox Emirates and its resellers work closely together to enhance a mutually beneficial business relationship in which both companies expand their market reach. Xeratek Document Solutions LLC is the largest and most successful mono branded business partner for Xerox Emirates and has once again expanded their reach by opening offices in Abu Dhabi. Together, Xerox Emirates and Xeratek Document Solutions have focused on enhancing customer service, convenience and functionality for the end user. 

This focus has led to Xeratek Document Solutions being recognized as ‘Consultant of the Year’ at the recent SME Advisor Middle East Stars of Business Awards 2010.

“Partnering with Xerox and working closely with our customers to understand their needs and help them to better improve their productivity has been our main key to service recognition and success, allowing us to expand further into the market.” Says Alex Marr, Managing Director, Xeratek Document Solutions.

In June 2010 Xerox Emirates took another step forward by providing resellers with a scholarship program called “The Xerox Masters Academy”. The program aims at enabling Xerox channel partners to become certified Masters in all Xerox products and solutions. By enabling its channel partners, Xerox Emirates raises the standard of delivery and will continuously ensure better than expected customer satisfaction.