Motorola smartphones goes arabic

Mahmoud Sayed Ahmed, Marketing Director, Middle East, Motorola Mobility

Smartphones continue to lead the way in mobile purchasing trends around the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, but preloaded localized applications remain one of the main factors in influencing purchasing decisions. In keeping up with innovations,  Motorola has introduced five smartphones in the MENA region; the MILESTONE, the MILESTONE XT720, BACKFLIP, and the recently launched FLIPOUT and DEFY. All Motorola’s smartphones are fully Arabized and come preloaded with several applications that Middle Eastern users can come to appreciate.

“Based on our market intelligence, which recent reports have confirmed, consumers want localized and regionalized content on their smartphones. Marketing products that has no local content simply does not appeal to local consumers and that’s why Motorola’s efforts in offering suitable content is highly appreciated by Middle Eastern users,” said Mahmoud Sayed Ahmed, Marketing Director, Middle East, Motorola Mobility.

In addition, the mobile phones will come with the option for installing Arab-ware technology, a new definition of localization that enables consumers in the region to use online services, applications stores, and even online information in the Arabic language; all packaged in an unprecedented user-friendly experience.