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IT a critical driver for competitive advantage

The Channel Post Staff
IT Advantage: Spring 2011, a new publication from The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) described the global economic moves through 2011, and the companies facing far greater then ever before. For many of these businesses, the strength of their IT may prove to be a key competitive differentiator. It further sheds the light on a variety of ways in which companies can optimize the performance of their IT capabilities--and, in the process, maximize IT's contribution to the bottom line. It features interviews with two chief information officers who are tackling a number of mission-critical challenges. The first interview is with Jeff Keisling, chief information officer of Pfizer. Keisling discusses a range of topics, including the IT-specific challenges in bringing together Pfizer and Wyeth; how to strengthen the IT organization's relationship with the business side of the company; and leadership.
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