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SAP embraces iOS 7

SAP embraced iOS 7 following the launch of iPhone 5S and 5C to support its customers running the latest mobile operating system from Apple with SAP Mobile Secure solutions, SAP Mobile Platform and mobile apps from SAP.

IT Innovation Crucial to 2011 Growth Strategy

The Channel Post Staff
In a survey conducted at the SAP User Group Middle East (SUG-MENA) annual conference in Dubai, 100 percent of respondents agreed that the role of the CIO would become more strategically important in 2011 (compared to 86 percent of those questioned in November 2010 and 69 percent in March 2010). With regards to which innovations the company would most likely adopt as part of its business strategy business analytics was the most popular answer (30 percent), followed by on-device technology (26 percent), virtualization (24 percent), cloud computing (20 percent).
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