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Avaya extends Network Virtualization to the Campus

The Channel Post Staff
Avaya today announced that it is extending the capabilities of its Avaya Virtual Enterprise Network Architecture (Avaya VENA) beyond the data center to the campus network thereby, setting up yet another significant milestone in Avaya’s data networking strategy and delivers the virtualization capabilities of Avaya VENA to the company’s Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) 8800 and 8600 products. Avaya VENA simplifies the enterprise network, helping organizations streamline the deployment of cloud-based services and improve the delivery of always-on content. It brings network virtualization and IEEE Shortest Path Bridging (802.1aq) to the campus, enabling Avaya ERS 8800 and 8600 customers to install, provision and manage real-time applications and services in minutes rather than days.
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