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R&M launches its revolutionary mixed-use Netscale 48 patch panel

Subha Bhargavi
R&M today launched its revolutionary mixed-use Netscale 48 patch panel. With this new 48 port panel, both fiber optic and copper cabling can be accommodated within a single height unit, effectively saving up to half the rack space traditionally required for a combination of both media. This compact mixed-media solution helps free up valuable space […]

EnGenius sings up Prologix

The Channel Post Staff
EnGenius International today announced the appointment of Prologix Distribution, as an exclusive distributor for the high performance wireless networking solutions, wireless LAN products & accessories and long range cordless phone from EnGenius product stable in the Middle East excluding Lebanon. Prologix has a team of certified professionals with knowledge and expertise across the core areas of networking, security, storage, wireless and telecom, who can provide technical expertise in sales, presales and customer support as a value-add.
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