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UPS a continuous power supply

The Channel Post Staff
“The electricity crisis has severely compromised key growth sectors.” This statement regarding power cuts in South Africa was reported by Bloomberg in August 2009. Jacques Liebenberg, product manager for Eaton Power Quality, AxizWorkgroup, said "Although South Africa is currently experiencing fewer power cuts, companies should still ensure they have a continuous power supply solution. By establishing an infrastructure that allows business continuation despite power cuts, power surges and blackouts as a result of lightning storms or base station malfunction, customers are able to minimise the negative effects on their operations."

AxizWorkgroup offers Green office tech tips

Green Office Week is a national initiative intended to raise awareness of the importance of eco-friendly offices and educate workers on how they can make a positive impact on the environment while at work. AxizWorkgroup, an IT infrastructure and software distributor, is passionate about the environment and constantly provides solutions and information that can assist companies and employees in implementing green IT practices in the workplace.
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