Synology Introduces AI For Customer Service

Synology is transforming global customer service by integrating AI into the entire process, significantly enhancing the efficiency and quality of support provided.

“Synology provides comprehensive technical support, encompassing product usage inquiries, critical troubleshooting, and advisory for complex deployments.” said Vincent Tsai, Director of Technical Service. “With the introduction of the new support AI, our goal is to substantially reduce response times for basic inquiries, thus enabling our technical support engineers to concentrate on addressing complex cases that demand immediate attention.”

Leveraging a Retrieval-Augmented Generation architecture, Synology’s support AI has access to anonymized technical materials and troubleshooting insight gained from Synology’s experience serving millions of customers worldwide. Further alignment and reinforcement learning processes ensure the response is high-quality, helpful, and self-improving.

With the introduction of Synology’s first-generation support AI, customers can anticipate a significant faster support response time, improved by up to 20 times, leading to a more optimized service experience.