SecureNet Empowering Partners

In a conversation with Channel Post MEA, Melwin Dsouza, CEO of SecureNet FZC, a value-added distribution company headquartered in Dubai, said the cybersecurity sector is witnessing significant growth, fueled by the influx of new technologies, particularly in AI, API-based, and Cloud security. At SecureNet, we specialize in partnering with AI-based security vendors to facilitate the expansion of this pivotal sector in our region.

Our focus extends beyond merely introducing new technologies; we strive to demonstrate the efficacy of advanced solutions like AI, passwordless authentication, and external firewalls to our partners. Our commitment lies in cultivating mutually beneficial relationships, aiding partners in enhancing their portfolios and fostering profitable ventures.

Currently entrenched in the UAE, Oman, and Africa, with plans for further expansion into North Africa, SecureNet prides itself on being more than just a distributor; we are purveyors of value. Embracing a solution-oriented approach, we emphasize the importance of complementing vendors to provide customers with comprehensive solutions rather than product-centric offerings.

We advocate for informed decision-making, urging customers and partners alike to scrutinize the value proposition of any technology adoption. Prioritizing profitability and portfolio growth, we encourage investment in technical personnel training, particularly in service-oriented domains, as the cornerstone of sustainable business growth. At SecureNet, our ethos empowers our partners and clients to navigate the evolving cybersecurity landscape with discernment and profitability at its core.