CyberArk Announces UAE-Hosted Identity Security Platform

CyberArk today announced the availability of  CyberArk Identity Security Platform services hosted from a UAE-based datacenter. These new services bolster CyberArk’s ability to support the data sovereignty needs of key industries in the region, underscoring CyberArk’s ongoing commitment to empower UAE organizations to better protect against growing attacks on human and machine identities.

As the UAE continues to encourage a safe and secure digital environment, the ability to store data locally can be an important factor for technology providers. Locally-hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) components of the CyberArk Identity Security Platform mean data – including credentials – can now be managed, processed and stored within the UAE, allowing organizations to tailor their data protection compliance strategy in line with their preferences and local requirements.

“The compromise and abuse of privileged and sensitive access is the most significant identity security threat that organizations face today,” said Tom Lowndes, director, Middle East at CyberArk. “The CyberArk Identity Security Platform delivers scalable risk reduction to all organizations as well as a simplified and optimized security investment. CyberArk allows cybersecurity teams to apply the right level of privilege controls to identify and secure all types of human and machine identities.”

CyberArk research highlights that nearly all organizations around the world expect to suffer identity-related compromise in the next 12 months, largely stemming from digital transformation initiatives like cloud adoption, hybrid working practices and third party-related risk.