Kingston Tops The SSD Channel Market In 2023

Kingston has once again closed out a successful year, maintaining the No. 1 spot QoQ. This consistent performance has resulted in securing a 23.8% market share in the channel SSD market for 2023.

Data gathered by TRENDFOCUS confirmed Kingston as the number one client SSD vendor in the channel for unit market share, with 27.4 million client SSDs shipped in 2023. Q4 alone saw Kingston’s client SSD market share at 21.3% and 5.7 million units shipped.

Continued efforts in developing high-quality client drives like NV2, two Kingston FURY Renegade SSD options, and KC3000 provide PCIe 4.0 NVMe solutions for all, from the novice upgrade to the power user who requires more from their system. In 2023, Kingston expanded its varied product lineup with XS1000 external and DC600M enterprise-class SSDs.

Kingston offers its customers unrivalled best-in-class support, service, and reliability for its products, provided by the engineers and experts who design them. This is a key contributor to Kingston’s strong standing in these rankings.

“As the year came to an end, SSD sales for PCs remain strong, with continued growth in the PCIe NVMe space. We’ll see this develop more through 2024” said Don Jeanette, Vice President, TRENDFOCUS.

“Working closely with our suppliers, customers, and partners allows us to be flexible as market conditions and customer requirements change,” said Tony Hollingsbee, SSD Business Manager, Kingston EMEA. “We strive to present the latest SATA and NVMe solutions, offering a strong SSD portfolio to the channel client space to meet those needs, and these findings confirm our commitment to that effort.”