Bain & Company Showcases Digital Expertise At LEAP 2024

Bain & Company has participated at LEAP 2024, a premier global tech event that served as a pivotal meeting point for regional and international tech professionals. The four-day event featured more than 600 start-ups exhibiting their innovations and 1,300 investors exploring ground-breaking opportunities.

Dr. Houssem Jemili, Partner at Bain & Company, presented a keynote session on the first day of LEAP 2024 titled “Blueprint for Innovation: How to ignite Startup Ecosystems around High-Tech & Creative Industries.” The session delved into the essential components that drive successful start-up ecosystems, focusing on key strategies for nurturing innovation within high-tech and creative industries. Houssem Jemili shared insights on targeting specific sub-sectors for growth and efficiency, highlighting the importance of innovation nodes and infrastructure development in attracting global start-ups and fostering local venture initiatives.

“We were thrilled to be at LEAP 2024, where we engaged with industry leaders and shared insights on igniting start-up ecosystems around high-tech and creative industries,” said Houssem Jemili. “As we discussed the blueprint for innovation, including the key elements of successful start-up ecosystems and strategies for activation and growth, we aimed to contribute to the dialogue on building vibrant innovation communities. We believe in catalyzing economic growth and driving forward-thinking solutions that shape the future of industries in the Middle East.”

In light of Saudi Arabia’s increasing prominence as a hub for international tech investment and innovation, the Kingdom’s dedication to driving economic transformation was evident. Bain & Company recognized the significance of LEAP2024 as a catalyst for unlocking new opportunities for both local and international companies to actively participate in shaping the burgeoning Saudi tech ecosystem. As the Kingdom continues on its path of progress and transformation, the collaborative efforts sparked by initiatives like LEAP2024 are poised to pave the way for a future defined by innovation, growth and success.