Digital First Qatar Forum – Catalyzing Qatar’s Digital Transformation

In recent years, the State of Qatar has embarked on a transformative journey harnessing the power of technology to propel progress, innovation, and an elevated quality of life. This digital transformation, aligned with Qatar’s ambitious Vision 2030, is a strategic initiative aimed at creating a diversified, knowledge-based economy and a technologically advanced society. Qatar is leveraging digital technologies to revolutionize industries, enhance government services, and empower its citizens.

Recognizing the opportunities and challenges posed by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Digital Transformation remains at the core of Qatar’s blueprint for economic and social development, encapsulated in the Qatar National Vision 2030. The State’s ICT spending is projected to reach an estimated $9 billion by 2024, with a compounded annual growth rate of 9.2%, as reported by data analytics company Global Data. This is complemented by a $200 billion government program to invest in technology, attract foreign investment, and cultivate international talent.

In collaboration with C-level executives and Heads of Sectors deeply involved in the Digital Transformation Journey, we are thrilled to host the Digital First Qatar Forum. This conference comes at a time when Qatar is rapidly advancing in its digitalization efforts, providing a platform to discuss and showcase the immense potential of digital transformation. The event aims to facilitate knowledge sharing, highlight best practices, showcase cutting-edge technologies, and foster collaboration.

The Digital First Qatar Forum, scheduled for February 20th, 2024, is supported by esteemed partners, including the Center for Entrepreneurship and Organizational Excellence, Startup Grind, and Business Start Up Qatar. The event will feature industry leaders and experts, with over 30 speakers lined up for panel sessions covering topics such as Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity, Cloud and Data Centers, and IT Offshoring and Outsourcing strategies for Qatar’s digital strategies.

Key industry figures have already expressed their anticipation for the event. Jay Chandan, Chairman & CEO of Gorilla Technology Group, “”It is a huge honor for Gorilla to join the Digital First Qatar Forum and showcase our innovative AI-powered Security Convergence and Video Analytics solutions. Aligned with Qatar’s Vision 2030, our digital journey fuels innovation, steers towards a diversified, smart economy, and is at the forefront of Qatar’s digital transformation.”

Sameer Ahmed, Sales Director at Kuwait-based CyberKnight, stated, “CyberKnight is honored to showcase our value and commitment to Qatar’s digital security at the Digital First Qatar Forum. With a focus on innovation and resilience with Zero Trust Security, our goal is to fortify cybersecurity measures, foster collaboration, and contribute to the nation’s digital transformation and cybersecurity capacity building. We look forward to meeting our community in Qatar to secure the digital future together.”

Rashed Al Momani, General Manager for the Middle East at Kaspersky, shared insights, saying, “Kaspersky’s Threat Intelligence allows organizations to access expertise and insights on cybercriminal tactics, history, and motives to better understand their mindset and stay one step ahead. This information can be further analyzed and used to strengthen the foundation of their cybersecurity infrastructure to better protect what the organization values the most – people, data, and assets.”