Securenet Striving To Empower Channel Partners

In conversation with Channel Post MEA, Melwin Dsouza, Founder & CEO of SecureNet Distribution describes his take on the IT market in the Middle East, as he explains how his company is gearing up to move forward after clocking a 25% growth last year.

How would you describe the current market conditions for your business in the region?
SecureNet Distribution in the Middle East mirrors a positive trend. This upward trajectory serves as clear evidence of the region’s steadfast dedication to technological progress and digital transformation, fostering an optimal landscape for the adoption of our products and services.

The increased focus on cybersecurity has driven a significant need for our solutions, a direct response to businesses giving priority to robust measures against ever-evolving threats. The Middle East’s proactive pursuit of digital transformation harmonizes seamlessly with our technology solutions, strategically placing us within a market that is progressively embracing modernized operations.

How is the overall performance of your business? 
We have witnessed a substantial increase in revenue over the past year, demonstrating a 25% growth compared to the previous year.

Aligned with our path of growth, Securenet has onboarded 10% more employees into our dedicated team. This expansion not only bolsters our internal capabilities but also enables us to leverage diverse skill sets, fostering a culture characterized by innovation and collaboration.

Our network of channel partners has experienced significant expansion, playing a pivotal role in our success in reaching new customers. Securenet takes pride in establishing valuable partnerships with 100-plus new channel associates, reinforcing our distribution network and amplifying our capacity to serve customers with efficiency.

Which are your key markets, and how do you plan to grow your business there?
SecureNet strategically targets key Middle East and English-speaking Africa with a focus on innovative technology solutions and substantial growth potential. Our growth strategy involves partnerships, tailored solutions, engagement with associations, local talent investment, and compliance, emphasizing our commitment to establishing a robust presence and contributing to technological advancement in these vital markets.

What are the major driving factors for your business growth in the region?
The key drivers propelling Securenet’s business growth in the region encompass advancements in technology, a focus on cybersecurity, initiatives for digital transformation, diversification of technology requirements, strategic collaborations, adaptation to remote work trends, continuous competitive landscape monitoring, a customer-focused approach, adherence to regulatory standards, and investment in local talent collectively, these factors enable us to seize emerging opportunities and navigate challenges in the dynamic Middle East business landscape effectively.

How are you fostering employee engagement and development within the company?
At SecureNet, we prioritize fostering employee engagement and development through a variety of initiatives, including a 4 and a half days working approach that reflects our commitment to work-life balance, a flexible and friendly work environment promoting open communication and collaboration, comprehensive training programs to enhance skills and stay current with industry advancements, and a family-oriented culture that goes beyond the traditional employer-employee relationship, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie. By seamlessly combining these elements, we aim to create a workplace that not only prioritizes professional development but also values the well-being and individual needs of each team member.

Which technologies are you expecting to be more in demand in 2024?
Overall, the Cybersecurity landscape emphasizes enhanced security through Zero Trust frameworks, AI-driven threat detection, and the prominence of IAM solutions. Cloud security continues to prioritize secure environments.

Networking sees widespread 5G expansion for faster communication, increased adoption of edge computing and SDN for flexible network management, and continued use of NFV for scalable network functions, while IoT solutions evolve. In cloud data, the trend of hybrid and multi-cloud adoption persists for flexibility.

What are the major challenges the IT distribution industry is grappling with, and how do you support your channel partners to deal with them?
The IT distribution industry grapples with significant challenges, encompassing market competition, evolving technologies, supply chain disruptions, and shifting customer demands. To assist our channel partners in navigating these complexities, we adopt a multifaceted approach. This includes strategic collaboration, providing market insights and education, optimizing the supply chain, investing in training and skill development, offering technology support services, providing flexible financing options, offering innovative marketing support, maintaining an agile product portfolio, ensuring regular communication and feedback, and providing compliance assistance. Through this comprehensive support framework, we strive to empower our channel partners to thrive in the dynamic landscape of IT distribution.

Which direction is the company heading, and what are you expecting to achieve in 2024?
SecureNet in 2024 is poised for strategic expansion, aiming to grow market reach geographically and diversify product and service offerings. Technological integration is a focus, with companies incorporating automation for enhanced efficiency. Prioritizing customer engagement, businesses seek to elevate satisfaction through improved experiences, personalized services, and feedback mechanisms. Diversification of services is a trend, aiming to become a one-stop shop for solutions. Achieving market leadership by staying ahead of trends and ensuring financial growth through revenue targets and operational optimizations are our goals.