Siemon Launches Quick Ship Programme RapidDAC

Siemon has announced the launch of RapidDAC, a quick ship programme for direct attach copper cables (DACs). This programme reaffirms Siemon’s ongoing commitment to providing agile, high-quality solutions for data centre connectivity needs.

Ryan Harris, Siemon high-speed cable assemblies market manager, emphasizes the value of the RapidDAC programme, highlighting, “Siemon’s new North America quick ship programme promotes our capability to ship 500 DACs, enough for 10 typical data centre server cabinets, in 5 days or less. Whether it’s 50 cables or 500, our dynamic manufacturing can produce and ship DACs in 5 days after an order has been placed.”

Siemon high-speed cable assemblies are Ethernet 802.3 industry standard and MSA (Multi-Source Agreement) compliant, ensuring seamless compatibility across switch-to-server connections. With industry-leading testing and quality parameters, Siemon guarantees world-class performance for network refreshes, equipment placements, and rack builds.

For projects involving 10 racks or more, Siemon takes pride in keeping projects on time and within budget. The RapidDAC programme is designed to meet the urgent demands of modern data centre deployments without compromising quality.

“We understand the critical timelines our customers face in today’s fast-paced environment,” says Harris. “Our goal is to empower businesses with the flexibility to scale their network infrastructure rapidly, ensuring they stay ahead in the competitive landscape.”

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