Huawei Cloud Advances Cloud Operations In Saudi Arabia With New License

Huawei Cloud has recently received a Class C License from the Communications, Space, and Technology Commission (CST) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, marking the commission’s highest certification for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). The recognition follows a thorough evaluation by the National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA), assessing Huawei Cloud against the Essential Cybersecurity Controls (ECC) and the Cloud Cybersecurity Controls (CCC).

Alan Qi, Chief Executive Officer, Sparkoo Saudi Arabia (Huawei Cloud), said: “Huawei Cloud is honored to receive the prestigious Class C License from the CST, signifying a major milestone in our commitment to advancing cloud services in the Kingdom. This certification underscores our unwavering dedication to upholding the highest cybersecurity standards and facilitating the nation’s digital transformation journey.”

This pivotal license empowers Huawei Cloud to deliver cutting-edge Cloud Services to both public and private sectors across the Kingdom and the wider region. The rigorous criteria for obtaining a Class C License include adherence to the Cloud Cybersecurity Controls (CCC) for the Government Sector, aligning with Class A and Class B standards and requirements, and obtaining necessary approvals in compliance with prevailing laws, regulations, policies, and governance models. Under this license, Huawei Cloud is now authorised to handle government data classifications, encompassing public data, restricted data, secret data, and top-secret data.

This licensing achievement follows the recent launch of the Huawei Cloud Riyadh Region. Aligned with the goals outlined in Huawei Cloud’s commitment to significant investments in cloud infrastructure within Saudi Arabia, declared during LEAP 2023, this milestone reinforces Huawei Cloud’s dedication to fostering digital-led economic growth and prosperity.

This pivotal step is part of Huawei Cloud’s broader strategy, rooted in Saudi Arabia, aligned with the nation’s 2030 vision. Huawei Cloud aims to catalyse the digital transformation and intelligent upgrade of Saudi enterprises through cutting-edge technologies, enhanced user experiences, and a collaborative ecosystem.

Huawei Cloud plans to employ cutting-edge technologies such as Cloud Native 2.0, GaussDB, Digital Human, and Pangu Model 3.0 for Government, Electricity and Meteorology services, to boost intelligence in Saudi Arabia. The Pangu 3.0 AI model specifically tackles challenges in AI adoption, using industry knowledge to improve AI capabilities in areas like finance, government, manufacturing, and beyond. The introduction of this model is expected to drive innovation in the Kingdom and expedite economic diversification.

Over the next five years, Huawei aspires to empower 200,000 developers in Saudi Arabia, forge joint solutions with 1,000 local partners, and launch the Huawei Cloud Startup Programme, providing support for 2,000 startups. Huawei Cloud’s commitment to Saudi Arabia reflects its dedication to being a catalyst for positive change in the region’s digital landscape.