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MBZUAI And United Al-Saqer Group To Advance AI In Healthcare

Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI), the world’s first university dedicated to AI research, and United Al-Saqer Group, a UAE-based business conglomerate, have signed a 10-year research endowment agreement aimed at advancing education, knowledge, and innovation in digital health.

The funds contributed by United Al-Saqer Group will be used to establish and sustain health research projects at MBZUAI under the name of Sheikh Mohamed bin Butti Al Hamed.

Healthcare has been a key focus area for MBZUAI, and United Al-Saqer Group also has a strong commitment to support the development and enhancement of the sector.

Sheikh Abdulla Al Hamed, Member of United Al-Saqer Group’s Board of Directors, said, “The UAE is committed to innovation in healthcare to improve the lives of nationals and residents, and to propel the nation forward as a global leader in the sector while aligning with the healthcare aims of Abu Dhabi 2030 Economic Vision.

“Through this research endowment agreement, United Al-Saqer Group and MBZUAI will ensure that the UAE remains at the cutting edge of AI innovation across the healthcare ecosystem.”

MBZUAI President and University Professor, Eric Xing, said, “This strategic research endowment aligns with MBZUAI’s commitment to advancing education, research, and innovation, and will prove instrumental in shaping the future of AI in healthcare in the UAE and beyond. We look forward to closely collaborating with United Al-Saqer Group to conduct cutting-edge AI research that delivers tangible healthcare solutions.”

MBZUAI is already conducting numerous research projects aimed at tapping the power of AI to tackle challenges including the spread of malaria, the early detection of cardio and fetal abnormalities, and remote patient monitoring.

Researchers agree that AI has the potential to transform medicine and healthcare by massively reducing the time it takes to develop new medicines, and by assisting clinicians – especially in areas including diagnosis and personalised healthcare.



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