Ooredoo Announces RISE With SAP Migration To Microsoft Azure In Qatar

Ooredoo Group has announced the successful migration of its cloud ERP landscape, RISE with SAP, from Amsterdam to Microsoft cloud datacenter region in Qatar.

The migration is a pivotal step in Ooredoo’s business transformation and the consolidation of its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions across the majority of its ten operating companies. It enables the company to achieve a harmonious blend of superior cloud experience while meeting local data residency and compliance requirements.

As the first techco in the region to adopt RISE with SAP on Microsoft Azure, featuring AI capabilities, this strategic move promises to upgrade the customer experience and empower businesses with cutting-edge technology – ensuring the delivery of innovative, efficient, and personalised services.

The establishment of this data centre within Qatar positions the country as an exporter of substantial data quantities, aligning itself with the most technologically advanced nations globally. This milestone contributes to the economic growth and technological advancement of Qatar.

Aziz Aluthman Fakhroo, Ooredoo Managing Director and Group CEO said: “This migration is a major achievement in Ooredoo’s business transformation journey, setting the stage for unprecedented innovation and efficiency. We are proud to be pioneers in this groundbreaking move, positioning Qatar as a hub for technological advancements in the region and contributing to the realisation of the Qatar National Vision 2030. This reaffirms our leadership in the digital space and underscores our commitment to delivering upgraded experiences for our customers.”

Sheikh Ali Bin Jabor Bin Mohammad Al Thani, CEO of Ooredoo Qatar, said: “Today’s announcement is not just about a technological shift; it’s about reshaping the future of business in Qatar and beyond. By moving RISE with SAP to Microsoft Azure, we are unlocking new possibilities for innovation, efficiency, and customer engagement. This strategic move reinforces our position as a leader in digital transformation, ready to meet the evolving needs of stakeholders.”

As Ooredoo embraces this transformative journey, it is poised to offer superior benefits to both its consumer and business customers, marking a new era of digital excellence.

Ooredoo’s adoption of RISE with SAP on Microsoft Azure equips businesses with the infrastructure they need to thrive, delivering ever faster and even more reliable connections.

Leveraging embedded AI capabilities, the company aims to drive efficiency, automation, and optimisation across its business ecosystem.

Customers, employees, and suppliers will benefit from integrated end-to-end processes and systems, facilitating data-informed decisions and using advanced collaboration tools within a high-performance culture.