Philips Evnia OLED Monitors To Dominate The Gaming Market

Philips Monitors has set its sights on dominating the gaming monitors market by introducing OLED panels. The Philips Evnia 42M2N8900 is an exceptional 41.54” OLED gaming monitor with an optimum resolution of 3840 x 2160 @ 138 Hz, coming with peak 450 nit brightness and HDR 10 enhancements.

The Evnia’s powerful QD OLED monitor, 34M2C8600, which represents a hybrid approach that combines the strengths of OLED panels and quantum dot technology. Let’s dive deeper into the incredible features Philips Evnia OLED monitors have to offer to professionals.

Professional Grade Picture Quality: Wide, Clear, and Jaw-Droppingly Immaculate
What separates OLED from the pack? In contrast to traditional panels such as LCD which uses a backlight to shine through liquid crystals, OLED features self-lit pixels, a technology that utilizes organic molecules to reproduce light and colours accurately. This means OLED monitors produce darker blacks and brighter whites, flawless colour fineness and stunning contrast ratios, eliminating light leakage issues that LCD panels face.

Philips Evnia OLED monitors compound these amazing features further with HDR, with monitor 34M2C8600 having up to DisplayHDR True Black 400 for stunningly accurate shadow details and optimized HDR modes that suit various usage scenarios. You can take your visual paradise even further with 34M2C8600 QD OLED with quantum dot technology and nanosized semiconductors for unparalleled colour vibrancy and accuracy.

OLED Monitors are also perfect for professional visual designers who need accurate and flawless colours to produce their best work. With Evnia OLED monitors featuring colour spectrums 99% AdobeRGB and 99% DCI-P3 that provide stunningly accurate colour reproduction alongside the deeper contrasts and vividness of colour OLED already provides, what more can you ask for? Professionals can take their visual expressions to new heights with Evnia OLED monitors. They can recreate colours with eagle-eye precision while also infusing a new sense of vividness and vitality through stunning contrast. Whether you’re colour grading your next cinematic masterpiece, rendering breathtaking digital art, or an Esports gamer seeking maximum immersion (more on this soon), Evnia OLED monitors unlock new possibilities that leave professionals with a sense of unrivalled satisfaction.Taking Gaming to the Next Level: Maximum Immersiveness with Commanding Performance
OLED monitors are perfect for gamers who never want to miss a single detail on screen and who want to achieve maximum immersion in the vivid world from the game of their choice. This is why Evnia OLED monitors are designed to absorb you into a new world of gaming.

Maybe you’re a fan of racing games. Evnia OLED Monitors allow you to be enamoured by the reflective sheen of light bouncing off your car, the individual specks of dust pelting on your windshield while traversing a dirt track, or the grittiness of metal crunching metal while hitting another car. A fan of FPS shooters? Find every enemy on the map with eagle-eyed accuracy and feel the intensity of every bullet whizzing past your head with lifelike vividness. Or maybe you’re a fan of fantasy adventure? You’ll surely be lost in every detail in a foreign world filled with ogres, dragons, and valiant companions by your side. No matter the game, Evnia OLED monitors take you to maximum capacity.

Philips Evnia wants gamers to experience the whole package, so Evnia OLED monitors have incredible resolutions, response times, and essential gaming functions such as low input lag. With this level of equipment, games can be played like a pro with Esports standard performance!

Enhanced Productivity: Innovation to its Highest Degree
In addition to stunning visuals and immersion, Evnia OLED monitors value versatility, productivity, and user comfort. Some benefits you can expect include:

  • Ergonomic features such as Smart Ergo Base and flexible height adjustments.
  • USB-C connection fulfils all smart device charging needs while allowing you to watch high-resolution videos and transfer data at super-speed.
  • MultiClient Integrated KVM and Multiview allow you to work with two separate devices for complex multitasking.
  • TUV certification authenticates viewing comfort for long hours in front of the computer.

Evnia OLED Monitors deliver the full package: Visuals, Performance, Productivity, and Comfort. What’s not to enjoy from these incredible displays? After all, Evnia’s mission is specifically to celebrate the joy of all gamers with all their backgrounds, preferences, and specialities!

Geekay Distribution General Trading LLC and Golden Technology Trading Company in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, respectively, will carry an array of Evnia models, and the monitors come with a 3-year warranty.