KASCO Group Uses Avaya Technology To Connect Global Footprint

KASCO Group has used Avaya technology to create a connected environment that enables real-time communications between its global fleet of 16 vessels and its new headquarters in Dubai.

The solution, based on Avaya unified communications technology, delivers seamless collaboration across the business and with outside organizations such as ports authorities resulting in a significant improvement to shipping and logistics delays.

“Providing timely and accurate information on shipping timelines to our customers is a major challenge in our industry as a whole – as some things, such as the weather, are simply outside of our control. However, we’re now able to rapidly exchange information between our headquarters, our vessels, and ports authorities, meaning any updates to timetables can be communicated quickly to our customers. This in turn enables them to run their businesses more effectively,” said Eng. Haider Ali, Real Estate Executive, KASCO Group.

“The solution has also enabled collaboration between the 16 vessels – meaning they can forward information onto each other as needed. Overall, this has created a well-oiled machine in terms of our business.”

The Avaya solution delivers a full-featured unified communications platform implemented and managed on-premises. It enables KASCO to not only record and document calls made across the platform for later analysis, but also delivers a single app for voice, video, messaging, conferencing, and a calendar—all available on any device, in any location. This has helped KASCO to realize short-term efficiencies in terms of real-time collaboration, while also delivering the data that the organization needs to make long-term improvements to its operations.

What’s more, the solution was implemented without disrupting KASCO’s existing, business-critical communications capabilities.

“Naturally, we need to be in constant contact with our vessels and various authorities around the world. Any lapse in communication could represent a business-critical risk. With Avaya, though, we were able to seamlessly add these new capabilities without it impacting our current environment,” said Ali.

Nour Al Atassi, Vice President – Service Providers, Avaya International, added: “KASCO Group is a vital company that provides specialized solutions to many sectors in the region, meaning the success of this project was non-negotiable. We’re proud to have supported the company in its business transformation, and to help it continue to push forward with its growth aspirations.”