Mindware And Xebia To Accelerate Digital Transformation In MEA

Mindware has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Xebia, a renowned global IT consultancy and software development company, to accelerate digital transformation initiatives for enterprises across the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region.

This dynamic partnership marries Mindware’s unparalleled distribution prowess with Xebia’s trailblazing expertise in cloud services, AI, and managed services. This collaboration is set to redefine the digital transformation landscape, offering a synergy of Xebia’s technological finesse with Mindware’s expansive market footprint to orchestrate comprehensive digital solutions.

Shedding light on the partnership, Philippe Jarre, President, Mindware Group says: “Spurred by a visionary impulse to reshape the digital domain in the MEA region, this partnership stems from a mutual recognition of the increasing need for holistic cloud, AI, and managed services solutions. Mindware’s expansive distribution network and deep-rooted market acumen form a perfect complement to Xebia’s innovative technical expertise, crafting a symbiotic alliance that elevates both entities.”

“This alliance is a game-changer for Mindware’s channel ecosystem, infusing it with Xebia’s cutting-edge cloud and AI capabilities and sophisticated managed services portfolio. This transformative enhancement empowers channel partners to deliver a broader, more integrated suite of futuristic solutions to their clientele,” Jarre continues.

“Through this strategic alliance with Mindware, Xebia is actively broadening our global presence and empowering our clients to propel their digital transformation journeys,” says Anand Sahey, Global CEO of Xebia. “We are confident that the synergy between Xebia and Mindware will significantly enhance the success of businesses navigating the evolving technology market.”

Shahid Gaglani, VP Cloud at Xebia MEA, adds: “Xebia’s proposition in the MEA region is to present an integrated suite of services that includes cutting-edge cloud solutions, transformative AI technologies, and comprehensive managed services, This strategic partnership with Mindware positions us in a unique way to further empower businesses and deliver excellent value to our clients.”