British University in Egypt Joins Phoenix Contact’s EduNet Network

Phoenix Contact took an opportunity to present EduNet, the international higher education network that encourages collaboration between higher education institutions and the automation industry. Through EduNet, application and manufacturer knowledge of automation technology are seamlessly integrated into the academic curriculum, ensuring students are well-prepared for their future in the industry.

Last week, Professor Omar Karam, Dean of Informatics and Computer Science at the British University in Egypt (BUE), signed the EduNet agreement with Phoenix Contact. This makes the BUE the first EduNet member in the Middle East and marks the beginning of a new phase of expansion for EduNet across universities in the region.

The British University in Egypt is a not-for-profit, private university established in 2005. The British Embassy and the British Council strongly supported setting up a university in Egypt that adheres to the standards of British Higher Education and provides UK-validated degrees.

Ahmed Elshibini, Country Manager for Phoenix Contact in Egypt, commented: “It is an exciting moment for Phoenix Contact to welcome such a reputable university to our international education network. With our strong approach to education technology, we are eager to start working with the university’s professors and senior students on various projects that enhance the technical learning experience in various areas.”

Phoenix Contact is the global market leader and innovator for electrification, networking, and automation on the path to a smart world. Phoenix Contact has been committed to education in technology as a part of corporate responsibility for 25 years. Today, the company collaborates with more than 150 universities worldwide that are members of its EduNet.