Huawei and Mindware Successfully Host ISP Summit 2023 In Iraq

Huawei, together with strategic partner Mindware, successfully hosted the ISP Summit 2023 in Baghdad, Iraq. The event brought together industry leaders to address the increasing demand for broadband services and explored opportunities to accelerate the deployment of all-optical Internet and next-generation networks.

Under the theme of “F5G Evolution Unleashing Green Digital” the Summit served as a platform for industry leaders in the Internet Service Provider (ISP) sector to exchange information on all-optical networks trends and showcase leading technologies and solutions in the optical field aiming to create a smarter and more resilient Internet infrastructure. The event witnessed the participation of prominent players from executives to technical experts in the ISP industry.

Philippe Jarre, President of Mindware Group, said, “We are excited to partner with Huawei to provide advanced solutions to ISPs, as Iraq enters an era of rapid growth. By bringing the industry together for the Summit, we were able to demonstrate how Huawei’s optical solutions can accelerate Iraq’s digital transformation while having the opportunity to meet with our key partners and address the challenges they face in their network transformation journeys.”

James Zhang, Managing Director of Huawei Iraq Enterprise Business Group, said, “We are in an era of unprecedented growth where networks are struggling to manage the immense demand for services. Our optical solutions have the capability to overcome these challenges and help usher in the gigabit era. Our partnership with Mindware continues to deliver real value to Iraqi customers with differentiated customer service.”

Huawei showcased its optical innovations at the concurrent exhibition. These included the Huawei FTTR OptiXstar F30, the industry’s first all-optical home network product based on the C-WAN architecture, which supports upstream transmission at 2000 Mbit/s. With six major upgrades in aesthetics, speed, rate, coverage, roaming, concurrency, and service, it provides ultra-gigabit Wi-Fi coverage and a high-quality digital home experience throughout the home.

In the ultra-broadband access field, Huawei showcased the industry’s first commercial 50G PON solution to meet the increasing bandwidth demands of campuses, industrial interconnection, enterprises, and homes. The solution achieves a 25% increase in the optical power budget and supports existing ODN deployment without re-cabling.

Iraq is undergoing massive expansion in network coverage. In 2022, ITPC, a telecom company under the Ministry of Communications of Iraq, leased the rights to operate optical networks in 15 provinces to 16 ISPs, aiming to increase the coverage of domestic access networks to 80% within three years. The ISP Summit 2023 marked another milestone in the cooperation between Huawei and Mindware, showcasing their commitment to creating a smarter internet infrastructure and driving the digital transformation in Iraq.