Juniper Supports BT Group’s Transformation Journey

Juniper Networks today announced that it is supporting BT Group’s ongoing transformation journey towards a highly scalable, automated and robust cloud core infrastructure for business and consumer customers. BT Network Cloud supports diverse network applications across broadband, fixed, mobile and other mission-critical services on a single platform, using Juniper Networks’ high-performance cloud-native solutions and professional services.

With this strategic deployment, BT Network Cloud has now scaled to accommodate multiple key network-centric applications, such as mobile voice and data, broadband authentication and IP voice calls for tens of millions of customers without extra overhead costs. An innovative global technology footprint from Juniper, including infrastructure consolidation and virtualization, along with improved hardware density and power efficiency, reduces space and power requirements in support of a more sustainable infrastructure.

BT Simplifies and Improves Service Quality with Agile Network Cloud
BT Network Cloud enables applications that underpin BT Group’s U.K. consumer and business network services. Juniper’s high-performance, high-availability fabric for BT Network Cloud provides extreme robustness and high performance for BT Group’s core applications across a widely-distributed user base deployed at multiple locations across the U.K. Moving from dedicated compute platforms for each application to a shared infrastructure conserves and optimizes resources leading to better resource utilization and significantly lower environmental impact.

The provider’s network cloud optimizes service quality and streamlines operational deployment and management of core applications, which enables innovation and agility in delivering new services to market such as enhanced 5G services.

5G Roll Out and Scale to Meet Digital Demand
The introduction of 5G created a unique opportunity for BT Group to transform its core network to ensure it was well-positioned to offer a dynamic range of new services to customers at unprecedented scale. BT Group chose to build a network cloud to provide a common shared platform for core applications, which operate its broadband, fixed and mobile services. BT Group has migrated tens of millions of mobile subscribers and successfully deployed all its mobile application infrastructure on its network cloud.

The goal of the multiyear journey at BT Group was to deploy a state-of-the-art container-based fixed, broadband and mobile core that will boost business agility, operational efficiency, sustainability and meet security compliance.

“Telecoms services have become central to business and consumer lives and as the U.K.’s national network provider, BT Group has a particular responsibility to lead from the front to deliver the cloud-native, sustainable digital services of the future. Our work with partners such as Juniper is helping to ensure that our critical infrastructure, network and services are agile, secure and resilient for the long term. Our millions of customers can remain confident in the experience-led integrity of the everyday and exceptional digital services on which they rely.” said Howard Watson, Chief Security and Networks Officer, BT Group.

“We are delighted that Juniper’s cloud-native networking solutions and comprehensive professional services were selected as the cornerstone of the BT Network Cloud. BT can respond to the demands of the next chapter of digital transformation at scale whilst leveraging the power of the network to enable new digital services for BT’s customers, fully supported by a cloud-native architecture enabling security, automation, scale and agility.” said Raj Yavatkar, Chief Technology Officer, Juniper Networks