Cato Networks Recognized As Global Security Service Edge (SSE) Leader

Cato Networks has announced that it has been awarded the 2023 “Product Leadership Award” by Frost & Sullivan for its Cato SSE 360, a key component of the Cato SASE Cloud platform.

The Cato SSE 360 is a cloud-native security platform built using the Cato Single Pass Cloud Engine (SPACE) architecture and converges SWG, NGFW, IPS, NGAM, CASB, DLP, RBI, and ZTNA. The Cato SSE 360 is the only SSE architecture to provide total visibility, optimization, and control of all traffic in all directions while offering enterprises a seamless migration path to a full SASE transformation.

“Cato Networks distinguishes itself with both its innovation and ambition,” said Toph Whitmore, Industry Director for the Cybersecurity Practice at Frost & Sullivan. “Cato Networks’ unique global cloud-networking infrastructure upsets the legacy networking apple cart, converging SSE with a global private backbone. That bold approach secures the entire chain of connection, and customers seeking cloud-edge-delivered security coupled with secure cloud-networking capabilities would do well to consider the Cato SSE 360 platform. For those reasons, Cato Networks has earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2023 Product Leadership Award in the SSE market space.”

A Global SSE for Enterprises’ Global Operations
The next battle in the SSE space is based on performance for which Cato is well positioned. “Cato Networks knows that speed of connection is a key distinguishing factor in enterprises adopting SSE and has optimized its global architecture for improved performance,” said Whitmore. “Cato Networks operates all 81 of its POPs around the world, all on Cato-owned and operated infrastructure collocated in Tier-4 datacenters. While other vendors may have more POPs, Cato Networks distinguishes itself with the sheer number of POPs that can deliver its SSE services.” All Cato PoPs run on standard hardware, and new SSE POPs can be deployed and run in “a matter of days,” noted Whitmore.

“Cato Networks offers a compelling, converged platform. The Cato SSE 360 platform is more integrated because it was built that way, rather than patched together from disparate parts acquired by acquisition, “said Whitmore. “Cato Networks takes a bold approach to control and securing a customer’s entire chain of connection, building every customer software and hardware component on the path from endpoint to the router to cloud-edge-delivered SSE security to a cloud network to the destination.”

“We are honored that Frost & Sullivan recognizes Cato Networks as a leader in the Security Service Edge industry,” said Eyal Webber-Zvik, Vice President of Product Marketing and Strategic Alliances at Cato Networks. “Traditional SSE architectures alone are insufficient to protect the enterprise. Enterprises have limited visibility and control over WAN traffic, which drives the need for multiple networking and security architectures. What is needed is one architecture that provides visibility into and controls all traffic to all destinations from all endpoints. Cato SSE 360 is the first SSE solution to meet that challenge.”