A10 Network enhances security and resiliency of hybrid cloud

A10 Networks is announcing a combined solution of the Thunder Application Delivery Controller (ADC) and the new A10 Next-Generation Web Application Firewall (WAF), powered by Fastly, to enable automated, multi-layered security, and resilience.

As organizations seek to establish an efficient and effective cloud operating model, the combined technology enables a highly performant security solution at a strategic application ingress point that reduces false positives and automates security, empowering agility and effectiveness. The end solution ultimately helps deliver better cloud economics and business outcomes.

Improving the Security and Resiliency of Hybrid Cloud
The company is adding the A10 Next-Gen WAF, powered by Fastly, to its solution portfolio as an integrated add-on to its A10 Thunder ADC solution. Together, the A10 Thunder ADC and A10 Next-Gen WAF implementation provides a single solution to enhance web defenses across software and hardware appliances installed in hybrid cloud environments. The solution can be deployed across multiple form factors, including virtual machines and hardware appliances.

Thunder ADC, in addition to providing advanced availability options, can perform DDoS protection, authentication, and protocol checks at scale. The integrated A10 Next-Gen WAF provides deep web application security services. As the solution sits at the primary application ingress point, a single deployment can efficiently front-end one, hundreds, or thousands of applications without the need for individual server end-point deployments. This enables faster time to market with secure application deployments.

Protect Applications While Keeping Overhead and Disruption Low
The A10 Thunder ADC and A10 Next-Gen WAF combine to provide a series of capabilities that outpace traditional stand-alone or existing web application firewalls. These include:

Layered Defense – Counters modern web threats, and includes OWASP Top 10 mitigation, DDoS protection, authentication, and TLS/SSL decryption.

Simplification via Consolidation – Converges under Thunder ADC as a fully integrated single appliance solution that is optimized with advanced load balancing, ADC caching, and the Fastly cloud service; customers have a single point of support with A10.

Ease of Use – No learning period for IT teams with near-zero false positives; almost 90 percent of Fastly users run in blocking mode, ensuring only bad traffic is stopped.

Lower Costs – Provides superior protection with little or no tuning; uses a combination of thresholding, along with Fastly’s proprietary Network Learning Exchange (NLX) and SmartParse technology, to reduce false positives, for highly effective automated detection and blocking.

Reduced Risk – Protects against modern attack vectors like account takeover (ATO), enumeration, and DDoS; integrates with popular DevOps and SIEM tools, making it a great fit for enterprise DevSecOps teams.

“When selecting a partner to deliver superior web application firewall security for our hybrid cloud solutions, Fastly was an obvious choice. It has been a Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Cloud Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) for the last five years. Our combined solution will help customers ensure security and resiliency while reducing the operational overhead for security teams,” said Mikko Disini, VP of product line management at A10 Networks.

The A10 Next-Gen WAF, powered by Fastly, is now available. It supports A10 Thunder ADC and A10 Thunder CFW.