Avaya Named For Excellence In Customer Service For 10th Consecutive Year

Avaya has announced it has been named for excellence in customer service with a NorthFace ScoreBoard Service Award (NFSB) for the 10th consecutive year by the Customer Relationship Management Institute (CRMI). Avaya’s support services teams achieved an overall transaction survey for perfect Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score in field technology support and a 97% CSAT score for remote support with a ScoreBoard Index (SBI) of 4.8 and 4.7, respectively. The scores and recognition solidify Avaya’s position as a leader effectively delivering exceptional customer experiences.

“While many organizations tout their customer service prowess, Avaya’s support service teams doubled down on their efforts working diligently on a global level to ensure they’re providing the highest caliber of customer service,” said Tammie Briscoe, Vice President of Customer Support, Avaya. “This award recognizes the team for their relentless pursuit of excellence with almost perfect SBI and CSAT scores, and we’re proud of them for their achievement.”

Currently in its 23rd year, the NorthFace ScoreBoard Service Award is presented annually to companies who achieved excellence in customer service during the calendar year, as solely rated by their own customers. The process of determining NFSB recipients begins with evaluating customer satisfaction processes and reviewing customer ratings in such categories as technical support, field service, account management, professional services, customer training, depot repair, and customer service and support, among others.

Last year, CRMI invited more than five thousand companies to participate, reviewing customer satisfaction survey results from more than 500 companies to determine their qualification standards for the NFSB Award. The NFSB awards program is the only one of its kind with results based upon actual customer satisfaction surveys. To qualify, organizations must achieve a 4.0 out of a possible 5.0 rating in any of the approved categories.

The NFSB Award program not only recognizes companies who offer exemplary service to their customers but are also at the core of their existence deeply committed to the principles of respect, employee empowerment, and trust in others.