Salesforce, PwC’s ETIC partner to offer Salesforce fundamentals course in the MENA region

Salesforce has partnered with PwC’s Egypt Technology and Innovation Centre (ETIC) to offer a free, three-week Salesforce training that aims to equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed to lead off a thriving career in the Salesforce ecosystem. This partnership comes to reinforce the strategic alliance between Salesforce and PwC to accelerate the digital transformation across the region.

The program is designed to help Salesforce’s new learners to grow and sharpen essential technical skills. Additionally, the program offers a valuable opportunity for participants to gain a full scholarship and be considered for subsequent employment at PwC’s ETIC as Salesforce Developers.

Kicking off on April 26, the program will be starting with a keynote session and in-person career panels to brief the participants on the program’s activities which will include weekly in-person and pre-recorded sessions, and scheduled emails with recommended modules on Trailhead – Salesforce’s free app for consultants. Over the course of three weeks, participants will be exploring:

  • The growth of customer relationship management tools and related in-demand careers
  • Salesforce Business Skills: Discovering Salesforce in business contexts, from a customer and Salesforce Administrator perspective.
  • Different tools and practical ways to acquire Salesforce skills, and how to connect with employers.

Commenting on the program, Thierry Nicault, Area Vice President, MENA, Salesforce, said: “This training program is an ideal opportunity for people who recognise the potential of digital technology to transform organisations and to learn everything they need to know to develop a career as a Salesforce expert. Currently, the economic headwinds are reinforcing the need for organisations to digitise and make their operations smarter, allowing them to transform challenges into opportunities for growth.”

From his side, Wael Moustafa, Partner and ETIC CEO & Board Member, commented: “We’re proud to continue our investment in the local talent in Egypt through our strategic partnership with Salesforce to build the next generation of digitally-enabled talent. Throughout Egypt’s resilient, high-quality digital infrastructure, we will continue to build on the Public Sector efforts to accelerate the digital transformation in Egypt. At PwC’s ETIC, we will continue to build a community of solvers who collaborate to evolve technology enabled services that reimagine the future of businesses and leverage leading practices.”

With Salesforce’s anticipation of 9.3 million jobs to be created in the global Salesforce ecosystem by 2026, the program will contribute in offering significant opportunities for those with the right knowledge and expertise. Furthermore, the program will be taking place in Egypt where young talent and governmental initiatives (ex. ICT 2030 strategy) are growing to drive economic growth.