AiFlux and Software AG enter full spectrum collaboration to propel energy sector transformation

AiFlux Limited has entered into a full-spectrum partnership with Software AG to jointly fuel opportunities in the sector. The collaboration will augment transformational initiatives and allied industries resulting in the creation of fully connected and simplified enterprises. The partnership is a result of successful capabilities created through Cumulocity IoT and Integration, across AiFlux’s enterprise-wide systems.

Under the extended collaboration, both companies will jointly deliver high level digital expertise and best practices to enterprises in the energy & utilities industry and across government entities. This will be extended through well-proven capabilities of Software AG’s suite of solutions delivered via SiteFlux Connected Resources SaaS platform, founded on Cumulocity IoT. Both companies will facilitate customers to achieve a truly connected status by unlocking maximum business growth potential for energy, utilities and public sector enterprises.

Hani El Kurd, CEO, AiFlux said, “As a fast growing start up with tall ambitions, we focus on driving innovative solutions for the energy sector with emphasis on safe and productive management of heavy assets and resources deployed in harsh environments. AiFlux’s proprietary solution for connected resources elevated through Software AG’s Cumulocity enhances our capabilities, and with our extended association we aim to build a future ready digital ecosystem across energy enterprises in the region.”

Rami Kichli – Senior Vice President, Middle East and Turkey for Software AG said, “The energy sector is in transition, experiencing fundamental change at a rapid pace – from rapidly declining renewable energy costs to widespread electrification and technological breakthroughs, thereby driving this energy transition. These changes are urging companies to focus on improving asset and industrial efficiencies for enhanced revenue generation and effective resource utilization. With joint aspirations and common goals of AiFlux and Software AG, we aim to facilitate sustainable simplified truly connected enterprises and creation of end-to-end fully digital ecosystems.”

Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT and analytics along with webMethods Integration stack is highly regarded and consistently ranked as leaders by multiple industry analysts such as Gartner and Forrester to name a few.