Leil Storage launches data backup and data archiving solutions

Estonia based Leil Storage, announced the launch its data storage solution at the CloudFest conference in Germany. The company aims to revolutionize the data storage market for backup and archive by offering purpose-built solutions at an unprecedented low cost, all while staying greener than competing options.

Founded by Aleksandr Ragel and Dmitrii Liautov, Leil Storage has partnered with Western Digital to use Host-Managed Shingled Magnetic Recording (HM-SMR) drives and Power Disable HDD management. This enables the company to offer customers an environmentally friendly data storage solution that has lower energy consumption, a lower cost per terabyte, and better performance compared to traditional legacy storage systems.

Leil Storage’s parent company, DIAWAY, founded by the same founders, has been on the market for 6 years and has earned the reputation of trusted and innovative provider of highly scalable, designed to achieve the best performance and cost efficiency infrastructure solutions, deployed by ISVs, MSPs and SPs in more than 40 countries worldwide.

The Leil Storage solution is available as a private or public cloud service, and customers can choose between Leil Backup and Leil Archive. They are optimized for storing large amounts of backup and archiving data, ensuring immutability and fast data retrieval, in compliance with the latest EU green agenda*.

“We focus on data storage that is designed for backup and archive only, which is greener than the competition, uses the latest technologies to safeguard the data and protect investments. And it scales out without scaling the bill,”¬†said Aleksandr Ragel, CEO of Leil Storage.

Leil Storage’s purpose-built redundant and reliable data storage solution is available at an unbeatable price, starting from $4 per TB per month, all costs included. Leil Storage aims to help data-heavy backup and archive companies with over 1 PB of storage to improve their technology and finances. By choosing Leil Storage, they can increase their profits, offer better deals to their customers, and reduce their environmental impact.