CPX announces winners of the CyberThon competition at GISEC Global 2023

CPX Holding has announced the winners of the annual CyberThon Capture-the-Flag competition at GISEC Global 2023.

The competition, designed to educate and build awareness of the threats that lurk in cyberspace, saw participation from more than 150 cybersecurity enthusiasts.
Endorsed by the UAE Cyber Security Council, CyberThon is an annual cybersecurity competition that challenges participants to put their skills to the test in real-world scenarios. The one-day event was sponsored by CPX and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems while facilitated by Cympire.

The competition took place at the Dubai World Trade Centre, and evaluated participants’ understanding of cyber threats and advanced defense strategies over multiple rounds. The challenge was open to both beginners and professionals, with participants testing their skills in vulnerability exploitation, port scanning, directory enumeration, misconfiguration, and more. Contestants had the option to compete as part of the red team or the blue team.

After an intense day of competition, Khaled Al Melhi, CEO of CPX and Guy Oren, VP & Head of RAFAEL’s Cyber Directorate, announced the winners of the CyberThon Capture-the-Flag competition. Eugene Lik, Oussama Messabih, Likhith Cheekatipalle, Fatimah Alneyadi, Noor Alattas and Alia Alneyadi were recognized for their unique problem-solving approach to this year’s challenge.

“We believe fostering interest and awareness in cybersecurity is crucial to building a secure and well-informed future workforce. As we progress towards a digital-first world, we recognize the shortage of cybersecurity professionals in the market; hence initiatives like CyberThon are pivotal to close the gap. They help prepare and encourage young talent to become the next generation of cybersecurity experts,” said Khaled Al Melhi, CEO of CPX. “The UAE is making huge strides in building awareness, and there is no better place than GISEC Global to hold this event and support the nation’s efforts.”

“RAFAEL is proud to encourage and help cultivate excellence in the realm of cyber security. Events such as CyberThon are an essential tool for the next generation of experts, helping them sharpen their skills and find inspiration. As a leader in the field, RAFAEL continues to innovate and develop next-generation solutions in the cyber arena. Likewise, RAFAEL realizes the importance of investing in the future — and that’s exactly what we have accomplished here.” — Guy Oren, VP & Head of RAFAEL’s Cyber Directorate.