Minisforum launches new Intel Mini PC with dual 40 Gbps thunderbolt 4 ports

Minisforum recently unveiled its new Intel 12th Mini PC NUCG5 with dual 40 Gbps thunderbolt 4 ports. Equipped with the powerful Intel Core i5-1240P chip, NUCG5 is even more powerful, capable, and affordable for the edge, business, or home.

The Intel Core i5-1240P is a mid-range Alder Lake-P family SoC with 12 cores/16 threads. It has 12MB of L3 cache and operates at 1700 MHz by default, but can boost up to 4.4 GHz, depending on the workload. It also integrates the 80 EU Intel Iris Xe Graphics that can run at up to 1.3 GHz.

Measuring 109.5mm long, 110.5mm wide, and 61.6mm high, NUCG5 is even smaller than the Minisforum UM series lineup such as Minisforum UM560 (128*126.6*46.5mm). The dual Thunderbolt 4 ports design makes it stand out among other members.

The NUCG5 can be ordered now from Minisforum’s website. Customers can choose from two base configurations, 16GB RAM+512GB SSD and 32GB RAM+512GB SSD. The shipment will begin in March.

To know more about NUCG5 here.