LG committed to provide healthcare innovations for better patient care

Moh’d AlFar, Senior Business Development Manager of LG Electronics Medical Devices in MEA region speaks with Channel Post MEA about their participation at the recently concluded Middle East region’s biggest healthcare show, Arab Health

How has technology evolved over the years in the healthcare space and what are the major technology trends influencing the healthcare market in the Middle East?
Technology has played a significant role in the evolution of healthcare, transforming the way medical services are delivered and improving patient outcomes. In recent years, the advancements in technology have led to the development of more effective diagnostic tools, personalized treatments, and digital health solutions.

In the Middle East, the healthcare industry is being influenced by a number of technology trends, including:

Telemedicine: The increasing popularity of telemedicine solutions has led to the adoption of remote patient monitoring, online consultations, and virtual care services.
Artificial Intelligence: AI is being increasingly used in the healthcare industry to support diagnostic processes, improve patient outcomes, and streamline operations.
Big Data: The use of big data analytics is helping healthcare professionals to make more informed decisions.
Wearable Technology: The integration of wearable technologies allows clinicians to monitor patients’ health in real-time and provide personalized care.
Robotic Surgery: The use of robotic technologies in surgery is leading to improved patient outcomes and reduced hospital stays.

As the industry continues to evolve, healthcare providers are looking for new, innovative technologies to better meet the needs of patients. LG is committed to providing industry-leading healthcare innovations to help institutions navigate this change and provide better patient care.

How long have you been part of Arab Health and how does being part of this exhibition helps LG?
We have participated in Arab Health since 2018 and returned this year because this exhibition provides the healthcare industry with a unique platform to showcase and discuss the latest medical innovations, as well as to establish partnerships and engage with customers. By being part of this exhibition, LG has the opportunity to showcase its medical portfolio, demonstrate its commitment to the healthcare industry and share its latest innovations with a wide audience of healthcare professionals. This exposure to the local market helps LG establish its presence in the region and build relationships with local partners and customers. Through these interactions, LG can better understand the needs and challenges facing the industry and tailor its offerings to better meet these needs. 

Kindly tell us about your healthcare portfolio and which products or solutions were at display during the Arab Health this year?
This year, we showcased our latest medical imaging and surgical visualization technologies designed to empower more accurate diagnosis, treatment and overall patient care.

On display was LG’s new Diagnostic Monitor (model 32HQ713D) with a large 32-inch 8MP IPS-Black display that provides improved image quality, enabling clinicians to easily distinguish even delicate details during diagnostic review. The new monitor also provides compatibility with all modalities through its Multi-resolution mode, allowing medical professionals to adjust its resolution to optimize to the connected device. Additionally, it is equipped with productivity and comfort features that ensure more intuitive operation and efficient workflow.

We also introduced an updated version of LG’s Digital X-ray Detector in a new 10-inch size (model 10/14/17HQ701G), which guarantees high resolution and clear, distortion-free image quality for improved diagnostic accuracy. The new detector also increases productivity with fast-processing and improved images transmission, ensuring rapid image availability. With a built-in Hot Swap battery that allows the detector to maintain power for longer, LG’s new Digital X-ray Detector ensures stable and durable performance. In addition, it features an improved design that makes the detector not only exceptionally strong, but also lightweight and portable, making it more convenient for medical professionals to operate.

Another highlight was LG’s new Mini-LED Surgical Monitor (model 27HQ710S) with a LED 27-inch 4K display with 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio and sRGB over 139%, which enables detailed observation and ensures accurate colour reproduction to meet all the requirements of the operating room. The new monitor also offers an increased peak brightness of 2,000 cd/m2, providing even more accurate imagery for precise surgery.

In terms of solutions, we introduced the LG Calibration Studio (LCS) for calibration, a platform that offers calibration capabilities to all LG medical monitors ensuring highest compatibility, accuracy and standards compliance.

In addition to medical devices, we also demonstrated our latest technologically advanced information displays, such as UHD Hospital TVs designed to meet the specific needs of hospitals, One:Quick Flex and One:Quick Works series for effective business collaboration, LED All-in-One Smart Series for visual communication with superior image quality, as well as Createboard for true interactivity.

Who were your prime target audience at the show and how would describe the response from the visitors?
At Arab Health, our target audience was healthcare professionals and industry leaders. The response from the visitors was highly encouraging, with many expressing interest in the products and services on display and seeking further information. We were impressed by the level of engagement and received many valuable insights into the needs and challenges facing the healthcare industry. This engagement was a clear indication of the importance of imaging technologies and their potential impact on healthcare outcomes.

What was the highlight of the event for LG?
LG’s highlight was the chance to have productive and insightful conversations with our partners and customers about the role of technology in improving diagnostic accuracy and overall patient care. The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, and it was a valuable opportunity for LG to gather feedback from professionals in the field. The information gained from these conversations helps inform our ongoing efforts to develop and improve our imaging technologies, ensuring they are aligned with the needs of the healthcare environment and can have a meaningful impact on the industry.

What are new innovations is LG planning to roll out in coming months?
All the medical technologies demonstrated at Arab Health, including the new Diagnostic Monitor, updated Digital X-Ray Detector, new Mini-LED Surgical Monitor and other are the latest innovations in our portfolio and in the coming months we intend to roll out these solutions in the MEA region . We are constantly growing our product offerings in the MEA region and particularly in the UAE, so stay tuned for upcoming launches.