Etisalat UAE and Huawei offer smart connectivity solutions

Etisalat UAE, branded as etisalat by e&, has announced successful deployment and testing of 5G Portable Private Network MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) functionality as part of a collaboration with Huawei Technologies.

This successful showcase is part of Stand-Alone 5G and MEC commercialisation programme and enables etisalat by e& to offer a 5G-based replacement for traditional VPN, enhancing remote work experience (reach workspace anywhere, anytime) for UAE enterprises. Remote work and long-distance learning represent global trends with significant implications for accessibility, network reliability and user experience. Urban and rural communities also depend on highly accessible networks for high-speed connectivity to public resources, from health care to social services. Both accessible and convenient, a 5G Portable Private Network solution enables seamless switching between public and private networks to accelerate data delivery and boost security for services in every area of the economy.

Khaled Al Suwaidi, SVP of Core Networks and Platforms, of etisalat by e&, said: “This deployment and testing will play a crucial role in providing a seamless experience for consumers and enterprises by enabling new and innovative 5G services in public safety, gaming, education and healthcare among others. This is in line with our long term vision to ramp up digital services, elevate a digital-first lifestyle at the same time enable the digital transformation of governments, large enterprises and corporates. The partnership with Huawei Technologies and our investments in standalone 5G earlier this year has supported our vision to enable and empower the enterprise digitalisation ecosystem enabler and facilitator.”

Gavin Wang, Head of Etisalat Key Account at Huawei Technologies, said: “Huawei is pleased to be an entrusted 5G SA vendor of etisalat by e& and to be able to demonstrate what this latest 3GPP Rel-16 technology has to offer. We are proud to continue supporting etisalat by e& to realise its digital transformation objectives and, in particular, its vision to bring the best in smart connectivity and innovative digitalised solutions to its customers.”

Remote access using 5G Portable Private Network avoids the time-consuming detour through the Internet and eliminates those latencies and performance drawbacks. Once a 5G Portable Private Network is in place, remote end users can seamlessly access corporate intranets from anywhere, at any point in time. They can enjoy increased reliability and excellent online experiences because they can avoid repeated logins, connection latencies and data risks. These users also have the freedom to use their personal devices for improved, faster connections, enhancing productivity while protecting data exchanges.

The technology offers a plethora of benefits for students and faculty in education. For example, unlike the expense related to opening individual Portable Private Network accounts and associated vulnerabilities, students who use a mobile Portable Private Network no longer require authorization. Since the 5G Portable Private Network dedicated network is interconnected with the institution’s network, these users can depend on airtight security via the campus intranet to perform a multitude of tasks remotely. These include accessing online teaching applications, checking exam results, choosing classes and conducting research. These sessions eliminate repeated logins allowing both students and teachers to switch between the Internet and internal networks seamlessly.