Bosch launches IAPM powered by Digital Twin in Middle East

Bosch has announced the Middle East launch of its Digital Twin – IAPM (Integrated Asset Performance Management) solution.

Digital Twin − IAPM is a cyber-physical system that enables our customers under industrial and energy to harness the power of digital transformation to drive reliability-centered maintenance and Total Productive maintenance.

Simply put, the solution harvests data to predict and assess outcomes, respond to changes, and improve operations, helping customers to manage and simplify complex automation while optimizing efficiencies.

Commenting on the launch of the solution in the region, Per Johansson, General Manager of Bosch Middle East said, “With Digital Twin − IAPM, customers can better handle predictable and avoidable challenges. This is our latest digital transformation solution; customers can enhance the maintenance of large rotating and static assets through digital intervention so that the machines tell you when they need your attention. This fundamentally enables businesses to drastically improve their efficiencies, including reducing unplanned downtime, maintenance and failure costs resulting in saving of time, money and energy use.”

“At Bosch, we firmly believe in the power of Digital Twin − IAPM to support our efforts to keep people, products, and processes connected while realizing reductions in operating expenses and accelerating the energy transition. Together with Microsoft, we shape the future of energy with technology innovations that enable organizations to achieve sustainable production through digital transformation, paving the way for sustainable economies,” Per added.

Relying on natural intelligence and first principles, Bosch’s AI-powered Integrated Asset Performance Management is customized to suit organizational needs. Built on sensors, software, and a service framework, the solution can harness 3D interactive, immersive environments to generate physics, engineering, and business insights. Thanks to IAPM’s Digital Highway, insights are personalized and made available to the right person, at the right time, at the right instance to drive the business outcome. This creates an ecosystem where every individual in the organization is empowered to make data-driven business decisions. At the same time, IAPM provides a collaborative digital platform to ensure C-suites work together to harness data-driven insights.