MEEZA leverages Vertiv’s IMS to accelerate digital transformation

Vertiv has announced that it has supported MEEZA to design, build and install its new data centres in Qatar. Vertiv was selected as MEEZA’s vendor of choice due to the company’s expertise in providing end-to-end data centre solutions that adhere to the highest industry guidelines.

To continue to progress its digital transformation and remain a country of choice for international hyperscalers, MEEZA required a significant increase in computing power, deployed in a short time frame. To achieve this, Vertiv helped MEEZA add 4.9 MW of data centre capacity in just 14 months from design to installation, instead of about 22 months or more required for a similar capacity in a brick and mortar solution.

MEEZA’s new M-VAULT data centres, offering cloud services to customers in Qatar, the region and the world, were built using Vertiv Integrated Modular Solutions (IMS), which provided a simple way to install capacity in a fraction of the time it would take for a traditional data centre build, due to its pre-engineered and prefabricated nature. Within the 14-month timeline, Vertiv delivered three buildings made of 100 fully equipped prefabricated modules, with the solution integrating Vertiv critical power, thermal management, and monitoring and control technologies, systems that are designed to work together. This type of modular solution also provides business agility, as it allows MEEZA to scale along with its customers.

Vertiv’s solutions help customers like MEEZA achieve energy efficiency goals; and that doesn’t change when they become sub-assemblies in an integrated modular solution. Additionally, continuing to work with Vertiv’s IMS services to check and fine-tune system settings will help MEEZA realise energy efficiency gains throughout the equipment lifecycle. Not only did Vertiv address the tight timeline, but it also gave MEEZA access to infrastructure and domain experts, including the local partner-provided resources. Working with Vertiv meant having technical experts both on and off site, with engineers working to ensure a design and build tailored to specific business needs while technicians managed installation and integration, ensuring seamless startup and optimal operation.

With the support of Vertiv’s uniquely crafted solution, pre-sales support, installation services and after-sales support, MEEZA has been able to further optimise and accelerate its go-to-market strategy. The project has also resulted in increased revenue and minimised installation risks.

Pierre Havenga, managing director for Vertiv in the Middle East and Africa, said, “Vertiv has always been at the forefront of digital transformation, innovatively supporting our customers’ goals and we are thrilled to have completed another project for MEEZA as one of its long-term partners and vendors. The next few years will reshape the digital landscape in Qatar, and we could not be more excited to be part of this transformational journey with them. Our portfolio of power, cooling and IT infrastructure solutions and services, that extends from the cloud to the edge of the network, will greatly support MEEZA in its mission of digitally disrupting Qatar and putting it on the global map.”