QIB introduces Samsung Wallet to customers

Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) has announced the launch of Samsung Wallet, a secure and easy-to-use mobile payment service for all QIB Debit, Credit and Prepaid cardholders owning Samsung devices.

Samsung Wallet is a robust mobile payment platform that supports the shift towards digital wallets and provides a secure e-payments avenue around the world. Samsung Wallet works at any store in Qatar and abroad accepting contactless payments. Customers can also pay fast in their apps and online by simply selecting Samsung Wallet at checkout without the need to enter the credit card details every time.

Enrolment to the Samsung wallet is instant and requires a few simple steps. Customers also need to turn on the NFC functionality on their phone or Samsung watch to enable contactless payments. They can add up to 10 payment cards including Credit, Prepaid and Debit cards to their Samsung Wallet. As the full card number is not stored on the mobile device, paying with the Samsung Wallet is a highly secured mode of payment.

D. Anand, QIB’s General Manager – Personal Banking Group, said, “We are pleased to introduce a secure and convenient mobile payment solution that enables customers to turn their devices into digital wallets. Samsung Wallet is the latest addition to the host of our mobile payment solutions and an important step towards the evolution of payment options, contributing to Qatar’s efforts to achieve a cashless society, and offering our customers more convenience when shopping or dining. As smartphones and smart watches are quickly replacing cards, we are excited to now offer our customers the choice of using Samsung Wallet for making online payments and wherever contactless payment is accepted”.

All devices must be updated to Android 9 or higher to use the Samsung Wallet on mobile phones and smart watches.