Automation Anywhere unveils Automation Success Platform to Re-imagine Work

Automation Anywhere has unveiled the Automation Success Platform, a comprehensive set of innovative solutions that help enterprises engage with employees, connect disparate applications, whether cloud-native or on-premise enabling business growth and workforce productivity.

Over the five days of product demonstrations, inspiring meetings, and keynotes at GITEX GLOBAL 2022, Automation Anywhere is arming customers with the tools to thrive in this new era – the Automation Economy. Automation is expected to add an estimated $15 trillion benefit to the global economy by 2030, according to Gartner. Today, every company is operating in the Automation Economy, with 95 percent of organizations embracing automation. However, a Deloitte study shows that only 13 percent of companies have been able to scale their automation efforts, often struggling to customize one-size-fits-none automation tools and on-premise platforms.

“As businesses race to respond to the unpredictable, our mission is to remain focused on the power of automation to stabilize workforces, drive economic growth, and build business resilience,” said Raj Mistry, Executive Vice President, Europe, and the Middle East Region. “We are excited to reveal the Automation Success Platform for businesses in every sector and across the globe to accelerate business transformation.”

“Automation ensures that businesses can keep moving 24/7 when a core system is down, or workforces are unavailable, “says Ayman AlQudsi, Chief Information Officer (CIO) at United Arab Bank.” By automating banking processes, we are enabling teams to offload repetitive tasks, helping every employee increase their productivity so they can spend more time innovating, building relationships, and driving business growth.”

The Automation Success Platform Empowers Everyone to Reimagine Work
The Automation Success Platform announces new automation tools to empower employees in the apps they love.

  • Empower Every Employee with AARI for Every App. AARI is the automation co-pilot for every employee, allowing them to engage with bots while working in their favorite apps, to get work done easier and faster. AARI can now be embedded into any web app, like Salesforce and Genesys, and into voice and IVR (Interactive Voice Response).
  • Learn What to Automate Next with New Process Discovery. Expanding the recent acquisition of FortressIQ, Automation Anywhere launches Process Discovery as a part of the Automation Success Platform. The app leverages the power of AI to quickly map and uncover the highest ROI automation opportunities across all the systems, tools, and processes in an enterprise, helping automators to discover where and what to automate next.
  • Make Document Management Easy with New Document Automation. New Document Automation easily extracts data from documents and transfers it into any app. Companies can choose to use either Automation Anywhere’s pre-trained AI models or select another best-of-breed AI, like Google Document AI and Microsoft Azure Form Recognizer to power their automations. Either way, Document Automation continues to get smarter as it interacts with employees in their flow of work.
  • Accelerate Automation with New Apps for CoE Leaders. In partnership with Shibumi, Automation Anywhere launched the new CoE Manager to help CoE leaders build, monitor, and scale in a centralized command center. Users can manage everything, including idea submissions, ROI measurement governance, and access controls. New Citizen Development offers a suite of new capabilities providing a simplified builder experience for all citizen developers to create automations, plus governance features that ensure innovation adheres to business rules and standards.
  • Scale Success with the Automation Pathfinder Program , which leverages 20 years of automation experience across millions of automation use cases to deliver a complete success framework with best practices, expert services with partners, community resources, and product innovation.

For more information, visit Automation Anywhere at GITEX GLOBAL 2022 in Booth #H6A-90 where several of its partners, including SquareOne, Basserah, TSME, Magnoos, and Nuummite Consulting will be presenting during the conference.