Trend Micro to showcase new security innovations and strategies at the Annual e-Crime & Cybersecurity Congress

Trend Micro is set to advance the movement toward increased adoption of leading security innovations and strategies to solve the most intractable problems of the future digital era. The 12th Annual e-Crime & Cybersecurity Congress is scheduled to take place on September 21, at The St. Regis, Abu Dhabi.

As a strategic sponsor, Trend Micro will highlight modern-day cybersecurity challenges and solutions in cryptocurrency, augmented reality/virtual reality, the metaverse, and Web3, under the theme ‘Securing Future Tech’.

At the event, Bilal Baig, Technical Director, Trend Micro MEA, will lead the discussion in an engaging ‘What the “Hack” is going on?’ session, from 12:10 PM to 12:30 PM, providing an overview of challenges set by the pandemic, how to prepare for cybersecurity predictions in 2022, and adapt to the future of the threat landscape.

“The new digital era is rapidly evolving and expanding, leading to unfamiliar territory that will require future-proof strategies and solutions that can create a safe space for work and communication,” said Majd Sinan, Country Manager, UAE, Trend Micro. “At the Congress, we look forward to sharing leading insights and innovations that will empower UAE’s organizations and communities in their digital journeys. Trend Micro remains committed to enhancing experiences in Web3, the metaverse and more, with our multilayered and robust cybersecurity solutions to safeguard the digital ambitions of tomorrow.”