Jacky’s Business Solutions returns back to Gitex with Robots

Jacky’s Business Solutions is returning to Gitex to introduce the latest Temi robot and launch the Plural Digital Avatar solution in partnership with Humanizing Technologies.

Jacky’s will use the event to showcase the latest iteration of its Temi Robot (V3). This new personal assistance robot is being launched in the Middle East with RaaS (Robot as a service) business model. It comes with the options of software development kits (SDK) as well as developer training for the robot owners and partners who are looking at developing applications for various use cases in healthcare, retail, hospitality, education, telecom & banking.

Jacky’s will also be introducing the Plural Digital Avatar solutions from Humanizing Technologies for the first time in the Middle East. These avatar solutions can be deployed on Robots, PCs, tablets, LCD screens & mobile devices for a variety of use cases across different industry segments. Jacky’s will also look to recruit solutions partners who can help implement this across the GCC region. The Middle East launch will also include avatars that have been specially designed for the region.

Ashish Panjabi, COO of Jacky’s Business Solutions, said, “We are looking forward to working with software developers to explore and create new applications for the robots that we have in our portfolio. With Plural, we can explore new areas like the metaverse and make customer service future ready.”

The company will be exploring new partnerships with the developer community in the Middle East region by participating in Global DevSlam. With Jacky’s now working with a variety of robot manufacturers, the company is seeking to engage with developers to develop solutions related to sectors such as customer happiness, hospitality, facility management, retail, government services, digital banking, healthcare, education and any other areas where their full range of robots including the humanoid robots, Pepper and Nao, from SoftBank Robotics EMEA could be used.

Panjabi added, “While these robots (Pepper and Nao) are mature products that have evolved over various years and where we continue to see growth. With the focus on happiness growing in most organizations, these robots serve as happiness ambassadors which many of our solutions partners have kept core to whatever solutions they’ve developed across the many implementations we have in the Gulf countries..”