stc unveils Security Pass Program to protect the digital ecosystem

stc has launched a Security Pass Program as part of their commitment to advancing Saudi Arabia’s tech landscape.

The Security Pass Program for Suppliers will ensure that all stc suppliers meet the brand’s stringent standards and adopt cybersecurity best practices.

Suppliers are encouraged to obtain a certificate of compliance with the cyber security controls outlined in stc’s third-parties security standards. Suppliers can confirm their compliance with stc cyber security requirements by obtaining the certificate from audit and assessment firms, accredited by stc.

stc has introduced the cybersecurity certification to secure its infrastructure , Data , and communities it serves. In line with its mission to bolster the region’s tech sector and enhance its infrastructure, the launch of the certification will strengthen the provider’s security position by reducing third party cyber security risks.

“The launch of the Security Pass Program for Suppliers marks yet another important step towards transforming the Kingdom into a hub of innovation,’ said Haithem Mohammed Alfaraj, Group Chief Technology Officer, stc Group.

“At a time when cybersecurity risks continue to grow and prove even more costly to businesses and industries across the world, our new certification will help to ensure our partners — and the Kingdom’s wider tech ecosystem — are appropriately safeguarded and futureproofed.

“This is especially important within our industry as third parties are typically challenged by exacting cyber security risks. Our new certification will provide timely and essential support, ensuring our partners, suppliers and resources are protected and secured.”