AVEVA demonstrates Industrial Information’s key role in sustainable industrial growth

AVEVA showed how information – contextualized industrial data – is fundamental to sustainable growth across the energy, manufacturing, and infrastructure sectors while unveiling its product roadmap to industry leaders and partners at the AVEVA PI World conference in Amsterdam.

“Information-led innovation provides a proven and responsive pathway to industrial growth at a critical time when the business landscape has been reshaped by turbulence and risk. Business leaders face increased sustainability compliance requirements, retiring workforces, and the ever-present demand for efficiency, agility and resilience. Raw data in itself is not immediately useful or even understandable but when you analyze and contextualize it into insightful information, that’s when you can help the industrial world to innovate at scale on the road to a net-zero future,” said AVEVA CEO Peter Herweck.

Also, at AVEVA PI World, Amish Sabharwal, AVEVA Executive Vice President for Engineering, and Gregg Le Blanc, AVEVA Senior Vice-President, Information Management, outlined the company’s integrated portfolio and elaborated on the product roadmap for 2022 and beyond.

More than 1,500 delegates from around the world attended the four-day event in person, while an estimated 1,000 others interacted online. They were given an overview of new developments with industry-leading solutions including AVEVA Connect industrial cloud platform and AVEVA PI System operations information management. Learning labs offered hands-on technical practice in cloud and data environments.

Throughout the event, customers and partners from more than 70 companies in 12 industry verticals shared their experience of the data-led digital transformation.