Regional operators join hands to release IntelligentRAN in the Middle East

As a step to elevate the intelligence of wireless networks to the next level, stc, Zain, Etisalat UAE, du and Huawei jointly release IntelligentRAN in the Middle East. The launch of IntelligentRAN aims to inject intelligence to wireless networks and achieve autonomous driving network in the wireless domain in the future.

With IntelligentRAN, Huawei will inject Artificial Intelligence while inheriting SingleRAN. The MIE (Mobile Intelligence Engine) is introduced in IntelligentRAN, which is divided into two functional nodes. In the site layer, MIE is introduced to meet the real-time requirements, and in the network layer, MIE is introduced to provide functions like post data analysis, training on the data gathered, and training of more precise models. Network and base station, MIE coordinate data, models, and decisions, jointly deliver intelligence to wireless networks, hence achieve fast provisioning for services.

Huawei plans to work with stc, Zain, Etisalat UAE, du to implement intelligent identification, intelligent fault detection to prevent predicting faults, and enrich the autonomy and intelligence model database and capabilities that can help the industry to work in the next direction of ICT transformation.

Bader Abdullah Allhieb, Infrastructure Sector VP, stc: “At stc, we are committed to provide advanced technologies and contribute to building a strong sustainable future for Saudi and the region, and support realizing the Digital Transformation Strategy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We strongly believe that such an advanced technology from a leading provider of ICT such as Huawei will help us achieving our commitments.”

In their statement, Zain Group said: “As one of the leading pioneers of mobile telecommunications in the Middle East, Zain Group is keen to explore the benefits that IntelligentRAN can bring to our region. We are consistently seeking technologies that bring competitive benefits, robust network performance and world-class experiences to our valued customers across the Middle East.”

Marwan Bin Shaker, Senior Vice President of Access Network Development, Etisalat UAE, said: “As we continue to build scalable technological competencies with our robust telecoms expertise to design powerful, seamless digital experiences for our customers this is an integral step with Huawei for the release of IntelligentRAN. At the moment, we are expecting to bring intelligence in the wireless domain to achieve the realization of intelligent prediction based on data correlation analysis, make intelligent decisions based on future prediction, and to achieve network intelligence and optimum evolution to the future.”

From his side, Ahmed Al Shal, Acting Head of Technology Planning, du, said: “Accelerating intelligence products and services is an essential effort to achieve an end-to-end digitalization. Considering the capability requirements of the growing Metaverse and Internet of Vehicles, our partnership with Huawei will generate a higher level of network automation and optimal performance to ensure heightened customer excellence, provision and experience. Moreover, IntelligentRAN capabilities will allow us to further grow our 5G network and implement quick service provisioning and service assurance across a diverse segment of beneficiaries.”