ASUS unveils its business strategy at EMEA Commercial Business Summit in Turkey

ASUS today announced EMEA commercial business plans and targets during the ASUS Commercial Business Summit in Istanbul, Turkey, the first international partner event of its kind.

Commercial business is an important part of the computer industry all over the world, with sales averaging a total of 200 million units per year. ASUS confirmed starting a new chapter in its over 30-year history, becoming a commercial player with robust goals, competing to provide the best-in-class business products and solutions. After two years of preparation and successful starts in select markets, the ASUS Business division is ready to ship a full range of products launched in over 40 EMEA countries in 2022.

Speaking at the event, Madeleine Hung, General Manager of ASUS West EMEA explained the new strategy. “We have accomplished worldwide achievements in the consumer PC sector, and we are now looking to expand and achieve more in our commercial PC business,” said Hung. “Hence, we would like to introduce ASUS Business, our comprehensive solution for business verticals, which is composed of a wide range of evolving products, easy-to-use software to streamline business operations, and all-around support.”

Adding to this, Benjamin Yeh, General Manager of ASUS East EMEA said, “ASUS Business is committed to delivering always-on reliable devices and services you can trust, while creating positive meaningful changes on the environment.” Yeh added, “we offer a wide range of agile and flexible solutions that are deeply rooted in customer insights and go way beyond hardware devices.”

During the ASUS Commercial Business Summit, products were demonstrated in eight interactive experience zones, allowing guests to see the ecosystem in action. The themes included hybrid working scenarios, hospitality scenarios, education scenarios, retail shops, an engineering office, a computer lab and more.

Product design know-how
The ASUS journey of success always starts with products. After achieving worldwide success in the consumer PC sector, ASUS is now focused on expanding its commercial PC business.

ASUS takes into consideration the key values that entrepreneurs and business owners care about to create a 2022 commercial portfolio of products that are trustworthy, highly professional and built for efficiency, such as the ExpertBook business laptop series. The ExpertBook design language draws inspiration from geometric volumes, clear divisions and contrasts of lights and shadows that are represented in architectural structures all over the world.

At the pinnacle of this design concept stands the flagship product, ExpertBook B9 — the world’s lightest 14-inch business laptop. It weighs just 880 grams and is 15 mm thin. This amazing laptop is one of the first true masterpieces of the ASUS Business lineup, showing an incredible combination of technology and ultimate portability. It has received extremely positive feedback from worldwide media, achieving multiple international media awards.

Connecting the business dots with the ASUS Expert campaign
Alongside a powerful product and service development strategy, ASUS Business is aiming to integrate marketing activities with sales activities, focusing on brand awareness, thought leadership, partner engagement and lead generation. The ASUS Expert campaign is ready to kick off later in 2022, providing a meaningful tool to help our partners drive business in the SMB market.

Sustainability matters
ASUS has employed sustainability-related strategies for years, starting from the early 2000s. We introduced the world’s first carbon-neutral laptop back in 2009. In 2016 ASUS headquarters became the world’s first to receive Zero Waste to Landfill validation. ASUS was the first company in the world to achieve an ISO 20400 sustainable procurement certificate in 2019. In 2021 we entered into an era of digital transformation to optimize management processes and decision making, with a clear goal that by 2025 all key products will reach energy-efficiency levels that are 30% above the Energy Star standard. For climate action, ASUS has set a goal of using 100% renewable energy in global operations centers by 2035.