Five reasons to modernize your payroll systems and processes

Gerhard Hartman, Vice President: Medium Business at Sage Africa & Middle East, lists five reasons to modernize payroll systems and processes.

New tax year-end seasons differ by country, but it is normally a good time for businesses to reassess their payroll processes and systems currently in place. With today’s affordable cloud technology, any business can easily automate payroll processes to simplify compliance and ensure accuracy.

Here are five reasons it makes sense to invest in a modern, cloud-based payroll solution that removes friction from a business for it to thrive:

1. Streamline compliance
Every business faces a range of compliance reporting responsibilities.

Using a modern, automated solution means it’s easy to comply with regulatory tax requirements such as compliance reports. A cloud-based payroll solution is automatically updated for annual changes to tax laws and regulations that impact payroll tax calculations. There’s no need to learn new tax tables or update spreadsheet formulas.

2. Win back hours
Payroll teams can spend hours monthly on maintaining employee records, performing payroll calculations, and issuing payslips using manual processes such as spreadsheets. With a cloud-based payroll solution, it’s easy to calculate statutory deductions and generate compliance reports with the click of a mouse. This can free up several hours of extra time a month to add value to the business.

3. Reduce human error
Human error can easily creep in when a business uses spreadsheets or other manual systems for payroll deductions. This can lead to underpaying or overpaying an employee or miscalculating their leave, which can be bad for workforce relations. An automated system can eliminate most human errors in data capture or calculations.

4. Get ready for growth
As a business grows, manual administration becomes a nightmare. With payroll software, a business can prepare for growth. With some cloud solutions, businesses can pay per pay slip per month and easily add more employees as required.

5. Shut down opportunities for fraud
An automated payroll solution puts tight financial controls in place. It helps reduce the risk of payroll fraud by giving managers better visibility of transactions, providing an audit trail and a set of rules, checks and balances that help prevent fraud.

SMBs have enough to worry about without getting distracted by manual admin. The right technology can knock down barriers and enhance the competitiveness of SMBs so they can contribute to more inclusive globalisation and growth. With an automated, cloud-based solution to take care of the calculations and compliance, they can focus on strategic value rather than red tape.